1. Virtual Ophthalmology: Telemedicine in a COVID-19 Era

    Virtual Ophthalmology: Telemedicine in a COVID-19 Era

    Purpose To discuss the effects of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 betacoronavirus on ambulatory ophthalmology practices, the value proposition of telemedicine, teleophthalmology implementation methodologies, and the accelerated future of telemedicine. Design Review of the current telehealth landscape including usage, policies, and techniques for ambulatory practice integration. Methods We provide author-initiated review of recent trends in telehealth, governmental recommendations for health care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a PubMed Central query for telemedicine in ophthalmology or teleophthalmology. In addition, the authors' comprehensive experience in telemedicine design and implementation is provided. Results We provide a summary describing the present ...

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