1. Imaging intracellular motion with dynamic micro-optical coherence tomography

    Imaging intracellular motion with dynamic micro-optical coherence tomography

    This paper describes a new technology that uses 1-µm-resolution optical coherence tomography (µOCT) to obtain cross-sectional images of intracellular dynamics with dramatically enhanced image contrast. This so-called dynamic µOCT (d-µOCT) is accomplished by acquiring a time series of µOCT images and conducting power frequency analysis of the temporal fluctuations that arise from intracellular motion on a pixel-per-pixel basis. Here, we demonstrate d-µOCT imaging of freshly excised human esophageal and cervical biopsy samples. Depth-resolved d-µOCT images of intact tissue show that intracellular dynamics provides a new contrast mechanism for µOCT that highlights subcellular morphology and activity in ...

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