1. Precision Microfabrication of Optical Probes for Intravascular Diagnostics (Thesis)

    Precision Microfabrication of Optical Probes for Intravascular Diagnostics (Thesis)

    This thesis details a collection of design, optimisation, fabrication and characterisation work to form fiber-optic probes and optical phantom devices for intravascular diagnostics in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Optically generated ultrasound is an emerging technique to create broadband high frequency ultrasound via the photoacoustic effect. In the first segment of this thesis, the development of a novel miniature fiber-optic ultrasound transmitter is detailed. A morphologically controlled coating was formed at the endface of a multimode optical fiber by controlled electrospinning of a carbon-nanotube composite. Efficient optical ultrasound generation was realised, with signal amplitude, bandwidth and device form factor suited to ...

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