1. PhD Position at the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering – Medical University of Vienna

    PhD Position at the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering – Medical University of Vienna


    Position: PhD, Doctoral student in multimodal optical imaging 

    Location: Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering – Medical University of Vienna 


    The Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the Medical University of Vienna has an immediate opening for a PhD position. The Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering is located in one of the largest European University hospitals (AKH Vienna) enabling multi-disciplinary innovative, vibrant science from bench to bedside. The research field focuses on the development, design, and realization as well as application of novel biomedical optical imaging technologies. The post will involve developing a novel imaging platform for application in a preclinical environment and collaboration with other scientific partners in a multidisciplinary project in the context of cardiovascular disease. 

    The student will integrate optical coherence tomography and second harmonic generation imaging into a single optical fiber probe enabling in vivo structural and biochemical mapping, in conjunction with conventional electrical measures for an unprecedented assessment of myocardial properties and identification of pathological substrates. The doctorate fellow will be responsible for laboratory experiments, fulfilling the project objectives, result dissemination (writing scientific articles & congress attendance) and successful complementation of PhD degree. The successful candidate will collaborate with other researchers in the group, as well as with collaborative international partners and scientific community. Visits to other collaborative organizations and presentation of scientific work at conferences will be encouraged. The student will obtain a PhD Degree conferred by the Medical University of Vienna within the medical physics program. 

    We appreciate applications from outstanding, highly motivated, research orientated individuals with the ability to work independently but also in an interdisciplinary team. 

    Qualification of applicant: 

    • Master Degree in Biophotonics or related field (Physics, Medical Physics, Medical Imaging or similar with life-science or laser technology related orientation); 
    • Good knowledge in theoretical and experimental optics, preferably interferometry and/or nonlinear microscopy; 
    • Experience with confocal, second harmonic generation and multiphoton microscopy (desired); 
    • Experience with optical coherence tomography (desired); 
    • Excellent programming skills and data analysis (Matlab, Labview); 


    Application process: 

    Interested candidates should submit a one-page research interest/cover letter, curriculum vitae and a list of 3 references to: 

    Marco Andreana, PhD 

    University assistant 

    Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 

    Medical University of Vienna 


    Potential Start Date: as soon as possible Close Date: Until filled 


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