1. Optical Fabrication: Glassblowing technique creates arrays of axicon lenses

    Optical Fabrication: Glassblowing technique creates arrays of axicon lenses

    Axicon lenses , which are conical in shape, are widely used to create so-called nondiffracting Bessel beams , which form a long, line-shaped focal region rather than the usual point focus. The line focus is useful for alignment, microfabrication, and other applications due to its insensitivity to axial motion, but cones are much more difficult than spheres to create in glass. Traditional optical techniques, such as grinding and polishing, or other approaches, such as femtosecond-laser ablation followed by polishing with a CO 2 laser, can be used, but are complex and not suited to large-volume production. Researchers at the FEMTO-ST Institute (Besan ...

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    1. Our technique has the potential of producing robust miniature axicons in glass at a low cost, which could be used in miniaturized imaging systems for biomedical imaging applications, such as optical coherence tomography, or OCT.
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