1. Corneal graphite deposit on anterior segment optical coherence tomography

    Corneal graphite deposit on anterior segment optical coherence tomography

    Retained intraocular graphite foreign bodies are uncommon and generally remain inert in the eye. A 16-year-old girl complained of a black spot on her right eye since 3 months following pencil tip trauma. Examination revealed a subconjunctival greyish-black nodular mass with a metallic sheen on the 5 O' clock limbus with involvement of the adjacent corneal stroma and endothelium [Figure 1] a. Optical coherence tomography revealed subconjunctival [ [Figure 1] b arrow], corneal stromal, and endothelial [ [Figure 1] b arrowhead] hyporeflective material with intense backshadowing. This visual impression will help differentiate pigmented conjunctivo--corneal lesion from other reported mimickers such as melanoma ...

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