1. Postdoc in Fabrication of MEMS Tuneable VCSELs

    Postdoc in Fabrication of MEMS Tuneable VCSELs

    The Nanophotonic Devices Group manufactures and characterizes optoelectronic and photonic devices for applications in communication and medical imaging. Fabrication is done in DTU Nanolab where facilities for silicon, GaAs and InP devices are available. Our optical labs are in the new building of DTU Fotonik. The work have enabled a number of high profile results on nanoscale lasers, nonlinear integrated photonics and a spinout company on lasers for optical coherence tomography ( OCT ). Microelectromechanical tuneable vertical cavity surface emitting lasers ( MEMS tuneable VCSELs) have shown remarkable performance for optical coherence tomography where fast wavelength sweep and a large dynamic coherence have ...

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