1. Chief Technology Officer Opening at PhotoniCare

    Chief Technology Officer Opening at PhotoniCare

    PhotoniCare, Inc. (www.photoni.care) is a medical device manufacturer located in Champaign, IL. We believe better decisions in patient care need to be made at the front lines of medicine, prior to specialty care, so we can improve outcomes and save on downstream healthcare costs. As a result, we’ve developed a low-cost handheld imaging platform that uses light to see through tissue. Our first product on this platform is empowering front- line providers to make better decisions about middle ear infections, the leading cause of hearing loss, antibiotic use, and surgeries in children.

    PhotoniCare has developed the TOMi™ Scope, a handheld imager designed to look and handle like the familiar otoscope. Our TOMi Scope provides unprecedented non-invasive views of the middle ear in real-time using our patented imaging platform technology. Alongside a real-time, high quality surface image, the TOMi Scope provides a view through the eardrum to directly visualize the contents in the middle ear.

    PhotoniCare’s patented imaging platform technology provides growth opportunities beyond otology (study of the ear). Plans to expand our platform to interrogate diseases in additional tissue sites are also underway.


    The CTO will provide strategic and technical leadership in the innovation of new products to build a stable and sustainable product pipeline. As a member of the executive team, this role will have an active role in shaping the vision and strategies for the business and ensure these are shared in clear and inspiring ways to all members of the R&D team. Additionally, the CTO will be responsible for understanding the impact of Clinical, Regulatory, and IP strategy on PhotoniCare’s R&D pipeline. The candidate must be able to:

    • Work with other executive management to develop a strategic development roadmap designed to anticipate the technology needs of a rapidly expanding company.
    • Stay current with modern technologies to ensure our competitive advantage
    • Gain and share insights with the leadership team to continue improving the product and the business.Lead the planning, analysis, design, development, and testing of new and enhanced medical device and business applications, in support of PhotoniCare’s innovative platform.
    • Understand how clinical evidence strategy, regulatory strategy, reimbursement strategy, and R&D efforts interact with one another to see the successful launch and scaling of a new product.
    • Manage IP generation and direction for effective offensive and defensive IP strategy for new products.
    • Manage R&D priorities and milestones in quick response to market feedback, allocating internal and external resources in a startup setting
    • Analyze and monitor competing technologies and companies to understand the competitive landscape.
    • High-growth focused leadership abilities, comfortable managing startup culturePartner with the other business units and medical partners to deliver customer solutions through new products, ongoing product enhancements and custom solutions.
    • Ability to multi-task and manage diverse, simultaneous projects of varying complexities
    • Define technical requirements and systems architecture with clarity on feasibility, time, cost, and impact
    • Evaluate technological advancements to drive continuous product improvement
    • Effectively align resources to achieve key business priorities, including appropriate scope, and high quality / timely product releasesCleary and effectively communicate initiatives, objectives, issues, and performance including developing and implementing organizational metrics to drive results and positive behavior.
    • Identify critical performance features, user experience requirements, cost constraints, and technological solutions in the development of new products.
    • Ability to thrive in a highly dynamic, fast-paced and high-energy environment.


    • Advanced Degree in Engineering/Science or related technical field (or equivalent).
    • 10+ years of experience leading a medical device organization, including leadership during a significant organizational growth stage
    • Working understanding of FDA regulatory strategy and requirements for medical devices
    • Proven ability to build and lead world-class development teams by creating loyalty and trust.
    • Strong sense of accountability and ownership
    • Highly organized around priorities, velocity, quality and meeting deadlines.
    • Strong project management and communication skills, ability to manage diverse, simultaneous projects of varying complexities.
    • Ability to develop timely and effective solutions for challenging design problems
    • Self-starter, energizing, results oriented, and able to multi-task
    • An entrepreneurial spirit that is flexible, experimental and resourceful
    • Not afraid to get hands dirty when needed.

    Preferred Skills and Experience

    • Early stage experience in a high growth environment is a plus.
    • Knowledge of medical device development.
    • Experience with medical imaging technologies.
    • Experience working in an ISO- or FDA-regulated environment, or another highly regulated environment.
    • Experience developing patent disclosures, patent strategy, and new technology roadmaps.
    • Knowledge of international and country specific regulations like Medical Device Directive, FDA, KFDA, IEC 60601 standards.
    • Experience in clinical study and clinical trial environments.

    Additional Considerations

    How to Apply

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