1. Successful OCT Imaging Of Oral Cancer Tissue Announced By MDL And UCH, UK

    Michelson Diagnostics Ltd is the UK's leading independent manufacturer and developer of Optical Coherence Tomography medical imaging equipment. ...
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    On 2/18/08 Aneesh Alex said:
    It is really a very great achievement. Well done! But it will be better to include some description about the image quality and its resolution. They could have displayed possibly some images obtained also.
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    On 2/18/08 Eric Swanson said:
    I agree some images and quantative description would be nice. I suspect this announcement went out on the news wires which sometimes restrict format and don't allow much in the way of pictures. I expect we will see some journal articles with more information appear soon.
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    On 2/26/08 JonHolmes said:
    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Our press release does include some OCT images, but the news wires did not print it. The press release with a sample image is available on our website at http://www.md-ltd.co.uk/press/2008/Michelson_Diagnostics_01-08_UCH_results.pdf

    Recent testing on a USAF 1951 target shows that we can resolve < 7.5 microns in the lateral resolution over 1 mm imaging depth - a capability made possible with our 'multi-beam' technology - and < 10 microns in the axial resolution, using the latest Santec wide-sweep laser.

    I hope this helps!
    Jon Holmes, CEO, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd

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    1. We are very excited about the breakthrough in image quality that this system offers.
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