1. Soliton microcomb based spectral domain optical coherence tomography

    Soliton microcomb based spectral domain optical coherence tomography

    Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) has become a widely applied minimally invasive technique for bio-medical imaging[1–4], and industrial process control[5]. One of the most commonly used light source for SD-OCT is based on superluminescent diodes (SLD), which provide a low-noise broadband coverage.[6] Recent advances have allowed creating photonic integrated chipscale frequency combs, that provide an attractive alternative illumination scheme for SD-OCT. Yet to date, the use of such soliton micro-combs in OCT has not been demonstrated or considered. Here we explore the use of soliton microcombs in spectral domain OCT. By using photonic chipscale Si3N4 ...

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