1. BiOS Hot Topics: Changing of the Guard

    BiOS Hot Topics: Changing of the Guard

    The near-capacity crowd at their ultimate session this week broke into applause as Rox Anderson opened with "This is the largest meeting in the world for biomedical optics, and that's because of you!" He added that the reason BiOS has grown so popular is the diversity of the intellect and specialties that are featured in the symposium, such as those involved in medicine, bioscience, and physics. James Fujimoto introduced the new BiOS co-chairs, Jennifer Barton of the University of Arizona and Wolfgang Drexler of the University of Vienna. Touching on the impressive backgrounds of each, Fujimoto noted, "we know ...

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    1. This is the largest meeting in the world for biomedical optics, and that's because of you!
    2. Rox and I would like to take this opportunity to thank SPIE, program track chairs, conference chairs, and all of you in the com¬munity for the opportunity and the privilege to serve as co-chairs of BiOS all these years.
    3. Rochford pointed out Fujimoto's achievements as co-developer of optical coherence tomography (OCT), "a ubiquitous technology with many applications." He noted that Fujimoto's prolific career includes 15 patents, nine books, and more than 450 journal articles; and that he has received numerous awards for the development of OCT, including the 2017 Russ Prize from the National Academy of Engineering - considered the Nobel Prize of engineering.
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