1. OCT-A Can Distinguish Papilledema from Its Mimickers

    OCT-A Can Distinguish Papilledema from Its Mimickers

    True swelling of the optic nerve head (papilledema) is an urgent, life-threatening condition. Pseudopapilledema, on the other hand, is a mostly benign buildup of optic nerve drusen. Telling them apart can be tricky, and doctors rarely have the luxury of time to do so. Papilledema can indicate an underlying brain tumor, obstructive hydrocephalus or meningitis. Over the years, doctors have hunted for small distinctions—such as the presence of Paton’s Lines, flame-shaped hemorrhages or cotton wool spots, but while these aren’t present in pseudopapilledema, they’re not 100% guaranteed to be present in papilledema either. 1 According to ...

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