1. Industrialization Engineer Position Opening a DAMAE Medical

    Industrialization Engineer Position Opening a DAMAE Medical

    DAMAE Medical has implemented a plan to industrialize its imaging system. A production process must be defined and deployed accordingly. This position is part of the need to move from a prototype / pre-series stage to an industrialization stage of the company's products, in close collaboration with the R&D, clinical and marketing teams. In this context, your missions will consist in:

    Supporting the R&D team in the industrial development phase of the products (feasibility, design, optimization):

    • According to constraints of performance, ergonomics, safety, robustness, reliability, and costs.
    • Contribute to the verification and validation phases (qualification, calibration, monitoring and maintenance strategies).
    • Guarantee the product's manufacturability constraints according to industrial methods.

    Managing design transfer into production:

    • Define and organize manufacturing methods according to productivity and quality requirements (DMR – Device Master Record, controls). Define, implement and qualify production positions, equipment and tools (IQ-OQ-PQ).
    • Monitor and improve the manufacturing process of the first series (CAPA management, DHR – Device History Record).

    Managing all supply chain activities: supplier management, subcontractor monitoring, purchasing, inventory, traceability, etc.

    This position is intended for an engineer with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in leading projects for the industrialization of innovative products, ideally in the medical devices sector (ISO 13485). You are proficient in an integrated management software package, computer-aided manufacturing design (CAD/CAM) software and computer-aided production and/or maintenance management software (CAMM-CMMS). You have a solid knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices, lean manufacturing, and master quality standards and methodologies.

    For more information about the position click Here or send an email to job.application@damaemedical.fr with your resume attached.

    About DAMAE Medical

    DAMAE Medical is a company founded in September 2014 promoting the innovative optical technology LC-OCT (Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography). With an isotropic spatial microscopic resolution, the LC-OCT images reveal a comprehensive structural mapping of skin at the cellular level down to the dermis. DAMAE Medical develops medical imaging devices that provide dermatologists with real-time images of similar quality to traditional histological images without the need for preparation or sampling.

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