1. Product R&D Engineer Position Opening at DAMAE Medical

    Product R&D Engineer Position Opening at DAMAE Medical

    You will join the company's R&D team and become a key element in the development and industrialization of our medical devices. Your missions will consist in:

    Participating in engineering studies: design and/or improvement of optical or mechanical functions, prototyping of electronic boards. Document / update the design file (nomenclature, drawing...) and send it to subcontractors for manufacturing. Assembly and integration into the device, experimental tests and validation.

    Taking charge of the verification and validation phases of product design:

    • Definition of the qualification strategy (performance metrics, functional tests, calibration, robustness...).
    • Creation of associated test plans, execution of tests and reports.
    • Management and correction of bugs and NCs, tracking of traceability.
    • Development oaf associated tools (test benches, software, automation).
    • Valuation of qualification results to define monitoring and maintenance strategies for the devices.

    Contributing to instrumentation & experimentation activities: assembly or technical adaptation of prototypes or pre-series, optical alignments and adjustments, performance qualification, internal and external demonstrations, installation of equipment at partners' premises, follow-up of preclinical and clinical studies and technical support if necessary.

    This position is intended for a physicist engineer with a good theoretical and practical knowledge of optics, and a strong interest in instrumental development. You have skills in design and programming tools and software (Zemax, ImageJ, SolidWorks, Matlab, Labview...). A sensitivity to the industrial development of medical imaging systems will be a plus.

    For more information about the position click Here or send an email to job.application@damaemedical.fr with your resume attached.

    About DAMAE Medical

    DAMAE Medical is a company founded in September 2014 promoting the innovative optical technology LC-OCT (Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography). With an isotropic spatial microscopic resolution, the LC-OCT images reveal a comprehensive structural mapping of skin at the cellular level down to the dermis. DAMAE Medical develops medical imaging devices that provide dermatologists with real-time images of similar quality to traditional histological images without the need for preparation or sampling.

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