1. Topcon to Provide Free Cloud Storage on OCT Devices

    Topcon to Provide Free Cloud Storage on OCT Devices

    Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) is pleased to announce an exciting new add-on feature for its state-of-the-art OCT product line. All Maestro SD OCT and Triton Swept Source OCT purchases will now come with 20GB of free storage on the new Topcon Cloud platform.

    Safely store OCT patient exam data all in the cloudwith the new Topcon Cloud storage solution!

    Built as an add-on module for IMAGEnet® 6 software, Topcon Cloud is an automated, cloud-based, device backup solution that meets medical privacy requirements, provides scalable storage options,   and supports disaster recovery plans. By transferring the storage of large files and patient data to the cloud, Topcon Cloud prevents the slowdown of instruments and keeps your practice running efficiently.

    John Trefethen, Global Vice President of Marketing for Topcon, states, "One of the greater benefits of Topcon Cloud is discovering peace of mind when it comes to storing and archiving data, along with control over a secure backup and archive solution. The system is not only compliant to ISO and HIPAA regulations, but is also automated, scalable, and affordable.”

    Topcon OCT customers will now have the best of both worlds – the most advanced OCT technology and diagnostic capabilities in the marketplace combined with a safe, secure platform to store and archive all patient exam data. Topcon Cloud is compatible with both the 3D OCT-1 MaestroTM, a comprehensive SD OCT system that is extremely easy to use, and the DRI OCT TritonTM, the first commercially available multimodal Swept Source OCT system in the U.S.  Both OCT instruments incorporate a built-in color fundus camera for added diagnostic capability.

    “The OCT Cloud bundle is a testament to Topcon’s commitment to providing complete solutions for our customers. Not only do our OCT systems provide exceptional clinical utility, the addition of Topcon Cloud maximizes practice efficiency and provides a practical storage solution for patient data, a task that is becoming increasingly critical in today’s busy eye care clinics,” adds Genevieve Fay, Senior Director of Marketing for Topcon.

    For more information on the Maestro and Triton OCTs, please visit newsgram.topconmedical.com/ maestro and newsgram.topconmedical.com/triton. For more information on Topcon Cloud and this promotion, please visit topconcloud.com or email Subscriptions@topcon.com. You can find more information on Topcon's full line of data storage solutions, including Topcon Cloud and Topcon Harmony, the next generation in ophthalmic data management, at topconhealth.com.

    About Topcon

    Based in Oakland, NJ, Topcon is a comprehensive ophthalmic device manufacturer within the

    worldwide ophthalmic community. It introduced the world’s first commercial back-of-the-eye Spectral Domain (SD) and Swept Source (SS) optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems, which have driven innovation in eye care.

    More recently, Topcon started to enhance not only its hardware but also its  software solutions. To become the leader in diagnostic software, Topcon has developed a new strategic division, Topcon Healthcare Solutions, whose primary objective is to create world-class software solutions for the eye care industry and beyond. The company's products enable the collection and visualization of a wide range of imaging and clinical data while providing quantitative and clinical analysis capabilities.

    Topcon’s software gives clinicians access to patient exam data captured from OCTs, Visual Fields, Fundus Cameras, and other Topcon and third-party devices. Topcon leverages its ophthalmic data management software, where practitioners gain access to DICOM and non-DICOM information stored in a central, cloud-based environment. Additionally, Topcon now provides an integrated service that connects practitioners to an extensive network of reading services to assist in the management of sight- threatening eye diseases.

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