1. Postdoctoral Research Scientist Opening at Colgate-Palmolive

    Postdoctoral Research Scientist Opening at Colgate-Palmolive

    Colgate-Palmolive Global Technology Center located in Piscataway, NJ, USA, seeks highly motivated postdoctoral research scientist with excellent background in research and development of cutting-edge medical diagnostic devices and sensor technologies for next generation oral and personal care applications.  Candidates with strong background in optical imaging/sensor and mechatronics systems for biomedical applications are preferred. Applicants will work closely with various external collaborators and will spend a significant amount of time to develop and investigate novel sensing and imaging devices and algorithms for next generation clinical and consumer level applications.

     Duties & Responsibilities

    •  Design and implement hybrid opto-mechatronics sensor fusion platform and applies methods for extracting quantitative biometric information.
    •  Collaborate with external partners and other team members to ensure smooth integration of the sensors into consumer devices to ensure functionality.
    •  Program real-time embedded systems to support signal processing for the devices and application.
    •  Implement advanced machine learning platform and signal/image processing algorithm on high-performance cloud based computing platforms.
    •  Keep updated with the latest information in the field of new improved techniques, sensing technology, signal processing and machine learning algorithms, which may be applicable to next device design.
    •  Be flexible to take any role to integrate the system and ensure functionality
    •  Develop a cloud computing framework for big data analytics.
    •  Research and develop features to allow for the expansion into different oral/ personal care sensor technology concepts.
    • Provide periodic technical reporting and documentation of development.
    • Present technical results at leading conference and publish in flagship journals.

    Desirable qualifications and experience

    • Ph.D. in Biomedical/Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer science, Optical Sciences/Engineering, Mechatronics, and Applied Physics related discipline.
    • Strong experience with optical sensors, imaging device and inertial measurement systems.
    • Demonstrated expertise in signal/image processing, algorithm development for image analysis using high-level programming languages, such as C/C++/Python, MATLAB, CUDA, etc.
    • Experience in programming with MUC’s and SoC’s.
    • Machine learning programming experience on graphical processing units (GPU) and/or high-performance computing platforms will be considered as an added qualification.
    • Be able to initiate and think independently and work effectively in a dynamic & cross functional working environment with strong organizational skills.
    • Be a self-motivated scientist who works well in a team environment with scientists and engineers holding a variety of different backgrounds, skills, and experiences.
    • Have excellent oral and written communication skills.  Be able to communicate complex technical results effectively to technical and non-technical personnel in oral presentations and writing documentations.

    For more information about this position, send an email to hrebesh_molly_subhash@colpal.com with your recent resume attached.

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