1. Summary of 6th International Meeting on OCT Angiography & Advances in OCT in Rome December 2018: A Tremendous Success

    Summary of 6th International Meeting on OCT Angiography & Advances in OCT in Rome December 2018: A Tremendous Success

    On December 14 and 15 2018, over 1,400 ophthalmologists participated in Rome at the most important meeting on OCT and OCT Angiography. the 6th international meeting on OCT Angiography, advances in OCT.  The organizer, Dr Lumbroso has, since he started to organize these meetings, a well-defined objective: informing ophthalmologist in any country on the new clinical possibilities of Ocular imaging. The policy is to invite the best speakers in the world to teach basics and new developments to eager young ophthalmologists. The conference and talks by prominent specialists confirmed that OCTA opens new horizons and conveys new points of view in the pathological process of ocular disorders. Our understanding of the diseases changes and adjusts itself rapidly, following the new possibilities of analysis and conclusion. The congress showed that there presently is a constant feedback between industries and top clinicians leading to renewed assessment of well-known diseases. This year also the program obtained the desired results, developing also the professional friendly network between colleagues from different countries.

    The congress was a success: About 1,400 attendees from all continents, like last year, 120 invited speakers and 205 free speakers, 5 conference rooms.

    James Fujimoto, one of the creators of OCT and OCTA was president and organized two scientific sessions.  Keynote speakers  were David Huang, also inventor of OCT and OCTA, who led sessions on Glaucoma and non exudative CNV, David Sarraf who manged sessions on Muller Cells and CNV. Quan Dong Nguyen, uveitis and AM, Ricky Wang Geographic AMD, Phil Rosenfeld, Non exudative CNV and geographic Atrophy, Eric Souied, AMD, K. Bailey Freund, pachychoroid. Christine Curcio organized and led two fantastic sessions on OCT and Histology.

    The first “Bruno Lumbroso Lecture” was presented by SriniVas Sadda.

    Other outstanding specialists: Karl Csaky, Amani Fawzi, Nadia Waheed, Caroline Baumal, (USA), Albert Augustin, Daniel Pauleikhoff, (Germany), Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, Wolfgang Drexler (Austria), Anat Loewenstein, Ethan Priel (Israel), Alain Gaudric, Eric Souied, Francine Behar Cohen, Benjamin Wolf, Yves Cohen, Martine Mauget Faysse (France), Leonidas Zografos, Marion Munk (Switzerland),Francesco Bandello, Leonardo Mastropasqua Giovanni Staurenghi, (Italy), etc. New topics were discussed: Artificial Intelligence in ophthalmology and Wide field OCT Imaging. A remarkable heated debate between Phil Rosenfeld and K. Bailey Freund thrilled the audience, showing that there are many topics still open to discussion.

    We had a total of 1,328 attendees, coming from 60 countries, 722 Italian ophthalmologists and 613 from other countries. Most international attendees came from Western Europe (52% not including Italy) and Eastern Europe (14%), North Africa and Middle East (14%). Some from the US and Latin America (12%), Some more from China, India, Japan and Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia (7%).

    30% were French-speaking: these meetings always provide translation in Italian and French, even if most of the speakers use English and all slides are in English.

    The speakers are the best clinicians, scientists in the world, fast talk formats( 7 minutes), high quality and up to date topics, chosen by the session organizers.  As usual in my meetings timetable was perfectly respected and operation were smooth..

    All Industries In The Field  of OCTA were presentand supported the congress: Optovue, Zeiss, Topcon, Nidek, Heidelberg, Optopol, Canon, and a Chinese one: MOcean from Moptin. In a special sitting their engineers, technicians, described their technologies. In an exceptional  over crowded session, the highest level executives of the OCT industries defined their future strategies. Satellite teaching meetings were organized by: Optovue, Zeiss, Topcon, Heidelberg, and Nidek.

    It was fantastic and amazing how many participants were there and the wide range of topics covered.  The audience was astounded by the high level of presentations. It was a beautiful occasion  to meet old friends and make new friends. The atmosphere, as usual in the Rome OCTA meetings was warm and friendly.

    These Rome meetings seem to inspire the OCT technology growth and impact in the international Imaging community. They  cause a terrific turnout of the leaders in the field. Next 7th international meeting on OCT Angiography, advances in OCT will be held in  Rome December 13/14 2019. We expect the same number or more of attendees. A larger place will be given to discussion. This congress will surely help further speed the progression of OCT; en face OCT and OCT angiography in routine practice.



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