1. System Engineer / Senior System Engineer Opening at NinePoint Medical

    System Engineer / Senior System Engineer Opening at NinePoint Medical

    The Company:

    NinePoint Medical is a fast-paced medical device start-up based out of Bedford MA. With our recent strategic investment from Merit Medical, we are expanding our product development team. We develop, manufacture and commercialize cutting-edge medical imaging products with a big vision to detect, diagnose, and treat cancer before it becomes cancer. Today’s standard of care for diagnosis of disease relies on obtaining a tissue sample and performing costly processing and expert review of tissue sections. Using breakthrough optical imaging technology along with advanced machine learning algorithms, NinePoint Medical will provide treating physicians with real-time diagnostic capability, thus streamlining patient care, reducing cost, and improving outcomes. The research and development team is composed of a small but diverse group of talented electrical, mechanical, optical, imaging and software engineers who strive to make a direct impact on patients’ lives every day.

    Position Requirements:

    We are looking for a talented Systems Engineer / Senior Systems Engineer who will be responsible for the design, development and commercialization of novel image based products. The qualified candidate will be a hands-on technical contributor, working alongside experts in engineering, manufacturing, quality, clinical & marketing disciplines to develop future optical imaging systems, and support existing platforms.

    Key responsibilities:

    • Execution of diverse tasks related to the development of complex medical devices (hardware, software and single-use devices): from concept and development through commercialization.
    • Define, develop, and document system- and subsystem-level requirements and their corresponding evaluation procedures
    • Design and build prototypes, integrate systems, and evaluate them
    • Generate and document test protocols and engineering studies
    • Communicate with existing external vendors and identify and build relationships with new ones as needed
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams within and outside of R&D
    • Keep up to date with technology trends. Generate concepts and principles and investigate their feasibility for current and future products

    Required Experience:

    • 5+ years of experience with design, development and integration of optical imaging systems
    • Experience with Matlab or similar engineering development tools
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills required with strong interpersonal skills and collaborative instincts: must be able to write clear reports, specifications, proposals, etc., and effectively discuss them with others

    For more information click: www.ninepointmedical.com/careers-2/



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