1. Activity of neovascular lesions treated with bevacizumab: comparison between optical coherence tomography and fluorescein angiography

    Abstract Purpose  To investigate whether examination with the non-invasive optical coherence tomography (OCT) alone is sufficient to ascertain the need of re-treatment with bevacizumab for exudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or the invasive fluorescein angiography (FA) is needed. Method  Two independent examiners reviewed FA and OCT images and performed a semi-quantitative assessment from 0=no activity to activity 1–3, mild, moderate and advanced, respectively. Weighted Kappa indices were performed to calculate the concordance between OCT and FA. Results  A total of 153 OCT and FA examinations of 69 patients were evaluated, mean 2.2 examinations per patient. The mean ...

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