1. Can we Predict COronary Resistance By EYE Examination ? (COREYE)

    Can we Predict COronary Resistance By EYE Examination ? (COREYE)

    Prospective interventional study, open, non-comparative and non-randomized. The research concerns physiological parameters of the coronary and ocular blood circulation. At the coronary level, the curves of pressure and Doppler flow will be extracted from ComboMap® (Philips). The coronary microvascular resistances, basal and hyperemic, will be determined by the average ratio of the distal pressure and flow. At the ocular level, a fundus oculi and an OCTA (angiography by tomography in optical coherence) examination will be performed. The measures of the FFR and the coronary microvascular resistance will be determined by a specific guidewire allowing simultaneous measures of pressure and Doppler ...

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