1. Postdoctoral and Research Scientist Positions in Biomedical Imaging at Baylor College of Medicine

    Postdoctoral and Research Scientist Positions in Biomedical Imaging at Baylor College of Medicine

    Postdoctoral and research scientist positions are available in Larina Lab at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas to develop functional optical imaging methods toward investigation of reproductive and developmental mechanisms.  We are a dynamic highly collaborative team of optical engineers and biologists, investigating biomechanical aspects of biological processes in mouse models of human disorders. Our studies bring together optical system design, OCT, confocal/multiphoton microscopy, optogenetics, technology development in functional optical imaging and data processing (4D angiography, cilia beat mapping, cardiodynamic analysis, elastography), vital fluorescent reporters, genetic mouse models of human disorders, developmental and reproductive biology questions. The studies and new positions are funded by recent grants from the  National Institutes of Health.

    Preferable applicants must hold PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering, Optics, Biomechanics, Biology or related field, relevant research experience, strong publication record, good communication and writing skills, exceptional work ethics, and great attention to details. In depth understanding of OCT principle, experience with optical system design, functional measurements (Doppler, angiography, elastography), computational and imaging skills, experience working with mouse models is a plus. Desire to learn, explore, and enjoy science is a must!

    We are strongly committed to support trainees’ career development by providing the necessary training, resources and opportunities toward diverse scientific careers. In addition, postdoctoral researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine are provided with a highly developed Career Development Series organized by our highly interactive Career Development Center.  The curriculum address six central core competencies (i.e., discipline-specific conceptual knowledge, research skill development, communication skills, professionalism, leadership and management skills, and responsible conduct of research).  In addition, more than a dozen specific Skills Workshops take place each year.  Additional Career-building Activities include participation in the Strategic Job Search Team that allows postdoctoral researchers actively looking for future employment to obtain advice through networking with invited speakers.  Resume-building and Mock Interview workshops are held to prepare them for job applications.  Moreover, a BioEntrepreneurship Core regularly hosts panel discussions to educate our postdocs about numerous and diverse careers for PhD scientists.

    Please sent your CV and statement of research interest to Dr. Irina Larina larina@bcm.edu

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