1. Mitigation of Speckle Noise in Optical Coherence Tomograms

    Mitigation of Speckle Noise in Optical Coherence Tomograms

    Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a promising high-resolution imaging technique that works based on low coherent interferometry. However, like other low coherent imaging modalities, OCT suffers from an artifact called, speckle. Speckle reduces the detectability of diagnostically relevant features in the tissue. Retinal optical coherence tomograms are of a great importance in detecting and diagnosing eye diseases. Different hardware or software based techniques are devised in literatures to mitigate speckle noise. The ultimate aim of any software-based despeckling technique is to suppress the noise part of speckle while preserves the information carrying portion of that. In this chapter, we reviewed ...

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