1. Michelson Diagnostics Release Preliminary Specifications for Clinical Hand-Held OCT Probe

    Michelson Diagnostics Release Preliminary Specifications for Clinical Hand-Held OCT Probe

    Michelson Diagnostics  has  issued  a  preliminary  specification  for  its  clinical  Optical  Coherence Tomography (OCT) probe and processing system, which the company says is planned for launch in late spring 2009. The new OCT system has been given the name ‘Vivosight’.  Preliminary specifications for the new release can be seen here.


    Two variants of the new Vivosight probe are specified, one is a version with X-Y scanning, to enable 3D mapping of flat tissue such as skin, and the other is a version equipped with a rigid endoscope, suitable for internal applications. The unique multi-beam design provides double the image resolution (i.e. better than 10 µm) available from conventional single-beam designs, resulting in crisper, clearer OCT images, showing more clinical detail.


    “We will be applying for a CE-mark for the product, which will enable sales for clinical use in Europe, in the spring 2009 time-frame.” said Jon Holmes, Chief Executive, “This will be followed by a 510(k) for the equivalent in the US market.” Michelson Diagnostics is leading the way in applying Multi-Beam OCT to the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer, particularly dermal and oral cancer. We are working closely with leading clinicians, who believe that Multi-Beam OCT, by providing a new, detailed window into the body, will accelerate the care of cancer, enabling faster, more accurate treatment that will save lives and produce substantial cost savings to the medical services.


    Michelson Diagnostics will be exhibiting a prototype version of the instrument on stand 8731 at BIOS09.


    Contact email for further details:enquiries@md-ltd.co.uk.

    Michelson  Diagnostics  Ltd is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and developer of  Optical Coherence Tomography imaging equipment. Founded in 2006, it is based in SE London, UK. For further information, contact Jon Holmes of Michelson Diagnostics at
    jon.holmes@md-ltd.co.uk or call +44(0)208 308 1695.

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