1. Multimodal imaging in paracentral acute middle maculopathy

    Multimodal imaging in paracentral acute middle maculopathy

    A 51-year-old male presented with the sudden appearance of a black spot in front of the left eye since 2 days. He had undergone an uneventful mitral valve replacement surgery 1 year back. BCVA was 6/6, N6 and 6/18, N9 in right and left eye, respectively. Anterior segment examination was unremarkable. Fundus evaluation of the left eye showed a grayish well-defined parafoveal intraretinal lesion, congruent to the clinical scotoma [Figure 1] . Multicolor composite image showed greenish hue in the ischemic area which was appreciated best on infrared (IR) reflectance channel [Figure 2] . Fundus autofluorescence showed hypoautofluorescence, and fundus ...

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