1. Two PhD Studentships in Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering at the University College London

    Two PhD Studentships in Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering at the University College London

    A four year PhD studentship funded by the Royal Society is available to embark on an exciting project developing a computational platform for application in cutting edge biomedical imaging techniques, including optical coherence tomography and photoacoustic tomography. This project has two primary aims: to significantly increase the volumes of tissue within which light propagation can be modeled and to apply this model to address current challenges in biomedical imaging. The project will suit a student with a strong background in math or physics, with programming experience a plus.

    The project supervisor (Dr Peter Munro) has developed the first three-dimensional model of image formation model in optical coherence tomography based on Maxwell’s equations. The core of this model is a numerical solution to Maxwell’s equations capable of modelling light propagation in tissue volumes large enough to be of relevance. The challenge now is to further increase these volumes so that fundamental questions related to imaging deep in tissue can be addressed. This will be achieved through a combination of algorithmic and computational enhancements and will constitute a significant portion of this PhD project.

    If you have any scientific queries please contact Dr Peter Munro: p.munro@ucl.ac.uk/020 7679 7760.

    For more information see this LINK.

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