1. Optical Quantification of Microgaps at Dentin-Composite Interface

    Optical Quantification of Microgaps at Dentin-Composite Interface

    Objective . Microgap formation between polymer-based resin system and teeth surfaces is undetectable by conventional x-rays. Therefore, this in vitro study was designed to assess the adaptation of polymeric dental fillings and microgap formation at the tooth floor using cross-polymerization optical coherence tomography (CP-OCT). Materials and Methods . Class-I cavities (4 mm diameter × 1.5 mm depth) were prepared in twenty extracted molar teeth and divided into two groups: ESQ and DI (n = 10). All groups were bonded with Tetric-N Bond universal (Ivoclar/Vivadent) in selective etching mode. Then, each group was restored with either Estelite ∑ Quick dental composite (ESQ; Tokuyama Dental ...

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