1. Innovative Endoscopies to Be Clinically Used in the Near Future

    Innovative Endoscopies to Be Clinically Used in the Near Future

    In contrast to traditional single-lens endoscopies, recently introduced full-spectrum endoscopy (FUSE) scopes include multiple lenses providing a much wider field of view. In many studies, FUSE was shown to be feasible, effective, and safe, and FUSE colonoscopy yielded higher polyp (PDR), adenoma (ADR), and diverticular (DDR) detection rates than did traditional colonoscopy, without therapeutic failure or complications. Moreover, using FUSE gastroscopy, the prevalence of duodenal peri-ampullary diverticula (DPAD) in the general population could be analyzed without using ERCP. In the future, the next generation of modified FUSE system is expected to be useful in direct peroral cholangioscopy and in simultaneous ...

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