1. Does optical coherence tomography identify arterial healing after stenting? An in vivo comparison with histology, in a rabbit carotid model

    Objective: To verify whether optical coherence tomography (OCT) can accurately monitor the occurrence of arterial healing after stenting. Setting: Delayed stent endothelialisation may predispose to stent thrombosis. OCT is a high-resolution intravascular imaging technique that accurately identifies stent struts and arterial tissues. Design and interventions: Eight New Zealand white rabbits underwent the implantation of single bare metal stents (diameter 2–2.5 mm, length 8–13 mm) in the right common carotid artery through the external carotid artery. After a median of 11 days (range 2–28), the stented arteries were visualised by OCT, with images acquired at a pull-back ...
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