1. Multiple Research Scientist and Post-Doctoral Positions in OCT Available at the University of Washington, Seattle.

    Multiple Research Scientist and Post-Doctoral Positions in OCT Available at the University of Washington, Seattle.

    There are multiple research scientists and postdoctoral positions immediately available at the Wang Lab [Biophotonics and Imaging Laboratory (BAIL)], Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. These positions are associated with research grants sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, Washington Research Foundation and Medical Industries, with a focus on clinical translation of optical coherence tomography to Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Dentistry. The research areas in BAIL include optical coherence tomography, optical micro-angiography (OCTA), photoacoustic imaging (PAI), multiphoton microscopy, hyperspectral imaging and their applications in small animal models (stroke, Alzheimers’ disease, heart developments and repair, retinopathy, cancer, and sensory stimulations). One recent focus is on the clinical translation of lab developed technologies to image vascular involvements in ocular diseases, skin diseases, and dental applications. Preferable applicants must hold a doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, Electrical Engineering, Optics, Ultrasonics, Physiology, Biology, or closely related fields. Programming skills in C++, Labview, or advanced Matlab or a skill in properly handling small animals or working with patients are desirable. A profound understanding of OCT and its recent developments in swept source OCT is a clear plus. Ability to work in a team, contribute to publications and grants, and maintain meticulous records is required. Competitive salary and benefits offered.

    Please send resume and names of 3 references via email to: Ruikang Wang, PhD Professor, Bioengineering, University of Washington wangrk@uw.edu

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