1. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position in the Ocular Imaging Program at the Singapore Eye Research Institute

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position in the Ocular Imaging Program at the Singapore Eye Research Institute

    The Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) serves as Singapore’s national research institute for ophthalmic and vision research. SERI functions as the research arm of the various clinical ophthalmic centres in Singapore, including the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), the national clinical centre for ophthalmology in Singapore. SERI has developed a world-leading reputation in broad-based clinical translational research programmes for eye diseases.

    Recently SERI has established an ocular imaging program together with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) under the directorship of Prof. Leopold Schmetterer. SERI is seeking a highly qualified individual to take on a significant role in this rapidly expanding ocular imaging program. The position offers the opportunity to do excellent research work at SERI in collaboration with NTU.

    We are inviting suitably qualified candidates for the following position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Ocular Imaging Program)

    Job Responsibilities

    He/ She will assist the Investigators and Consultants in the successful execution of the project(s). The incumbent will also be encouraged to introduce new ideas and projects. He/ She will be expected to:

    • Setup of OCT prototypes and novel approaches to multimodal imaging for ophthalmic use
    • Conduct and coordinate research within SERI in line with its research strategy and under the direction and supervision of the Principal Investigators and Collaborators;
    • Manage these research projects in a team-based, cross-functional research environment, which include supervising doctoral and master students, research assistants, and technical and other support staff;
    • Publish research outcomes in appropriate journals of international standing and to publish and disseminate the result of research and scholarship in other reputable outlets;
    • Attend and present research findings and papers at academic and professional conferences, and to contribute to the external visibility of the department;
    • Draft research report for Principal Investigators;
    • Undertake specific roles and management functions as may be reasonably required by the Principal Investigators;
    • Attend meetings and to participate (where necessary) in other committees and working groups within SERI and NTU;
    • Ensure compliance with health and safety in all aspects of work.

    The duties and responsibilities outlined are not intended to be an exhaustive list but provide guidance on the main aspects of the job. The incumbent will be required to be flexible in their duties.


    One year (renewable – dependent on performance)

    Minimum Entry Requirements

    • Ph.D. in Physics, Biomedical Engineering or related discipline
    • Previous experience in OCT, software development in OCT and OCT signal analysis
    • Advanced knowledge in MATLAB and LabVIEW
    • Able to work independently, as well as in a team-based, cross-functional research team

    The successful candidate can expect a competitive remuneration package that commensurate with qualifications and experience. He/ She can additionally be assured of a fulfilling and challenging career in a fast-paced and dynamic organization. We strongly encourage continuous education and development through our in-house training programmes and external courses. Interested applicants are requested to forward a detailed resume stating their personal particulars, educational qualification, career history, current and expected salaries, contact number(s) and e-mail address to:

    Singapore Eye Research Institute

    11 Third Hospital Avenue #05-00

    Singapore 168751

    Email: hr@seri.com.sg

    Please ensure you state “ Ocular Imaging Program – Postdoctoral Research Fellow ” in the subject header of your email. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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