1. Opto-Mechanical Engineer at Oculus

    Opto-Mechanical Engineer at Oculus

    We are looking for an Opto-Mechanical Engineer to join our Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) team in Menlo Park, CA. In this role, you would work closely with researchers as part of a multi-disciplinary systems engineering team (e.g. mechanical, electrical, optical, and software) to design, build, test, and maintain novel wearable neural interface technologies. Our research is focused on developing functional brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies for use in consumer electronic products. Our team collaborates extensively with small companies and academic institutions, and publishes in peer-reviewed journals.


    • Drive opto-mechanical engineering activities to completion in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary engineering team
    • Work closely with researchers to understand their goals and elicit opto-mechanical and optics requirements to develop viable solutions
    • Design, prototype, and fabricate optical and opto-mechanical components and sub-systems in-house, and integrate into full system module
    • Work with external vendors to source opto-mechanical components and sub-systems, defining specifications and deliverables, reviewing progress, validating performance, and integrating into a complete solution
    • Characterize opto-mechanical components and systems using laboratory equipment
    • Take prototypes to increasing levels of fidelity

    Minimum Qualifications

    • MS in Optical/Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
    • 5+ years of experience, including 3+ years of experience in opto-mechanical engineering
    • Experience with opto-mechanical systems (including micro-optic components, fiber optics, and waveguides), including design, assembly, precision alignment, fabrication, and characterization
    • Experience with optical modeling tools such as Zemax Experience in 3D design CAD and modeling
    • Experience with LED and laser diode sources

    Preferred Qualifications

    • MS or PhD with specialization in opto-mechanical engineering
    • Mass production experience (OEM or contract manufacturers)
    • System integration and prototyping experience 

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