1. Applications Engineer Opening at Michelson Diagnostics

    Applications Engineer Opening at Michelson Diagnostics

    Job Opportunity Applications Engineer Michelson Diagnostics Ltd (MDL), the leading Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) company specialising in dermatology imaging, requires an Applications Engineer, to work with its customers and research partners in developing applications for its range of innovative multi-beam OCT products.

    The Applications Engineer will be based at MDL’s Maidstone office, but will be expected to travel as well.

    Key tasks for the Applications Engineer will include:

    • Liaison with customers to find out, understand and interpret their needs in terms of OCT imaging;
    • Assisting customers with interpretation and analysis of OCT images;
    • Identifying, developing, validating and supporting new clinical applications for OCT skin imaging
    • Developing, prototyping, testing and validating image analysis algorithms (in e.g. MatLab) to support these applications;
    • Supporting product development with in-house R&D;
    • Drafting papers and technical articles;
    • Supporting sales with technical advice and customer feedback;
    •  Installing, commissioning OCT systems and providing post-sales support

    The candidate will:

    • Be an integral part of a small, dynamic and dedicated team.
    • Work closely with MDL’s CEO & Development Manager
    • Provide customer feedback to other MDL staff.

    The position will suit a candidate with postgraduate qualification in biological or medical imaging ideally with practical experience of developing and using OCT technology. The successful candidate is likely to be a ‘self-starter’, have good practical skills (including basic programming skills in MatLab), strong interpersonal skills, and will relish working with clinicians help them extract maximum value from Michelson’s VivoSight OCT scanners to help their patients. . There is excellent potential for career development within Michelson Diagnostics as it is a high-growth company.

    *** To start as soon as possible ***

    Candidates should please send their c.v./resume to admin@vivosight.com, along with a 2-page technical briefing how and why OCT imaging may be used in user application of their choice.

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