1. SOLEMN Study - Synergy Optical Coherence Tomography in Left Main PCI (SOLEMN)

    SOLEMN Study - Synergy Optical Coherence Tomography in Left Main PCI (SOLEMN)

    Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is increasingly used to treat unprotected left main coronary artery stenosis. Protected LM PCI is considered standard of care in most centers. OCT allows for precise determination of stent placement, stent expansion and apposition. The pattern of vessel healing can be very precisely studied if immediate post-stent implantation OCT/IVUS data is compared to the 6-month post-PCI interval. While OCT cannot be optimally used for ostial lesion imaging, IVUS can be used to image ostial lesions/stent placement. Optimal and consistent vessel healing is particularly important in LM PCI where stent thrombosis is a potential complication ...

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