1. Assessment with optical coherence tomography of a new strategy for bifurcational lesion treatment: The Tryton Side-Branch Stent.

    The Tryton-Side Branch StentTM (Tryton Medical, Inc., Newton, MA, USA) is a dedicated stent designed to provide complete carinal coverage of bifurcational lesions. After implantation of a 18 mm cobalt chromium Tryton stent from the left circumflex into the obtuse marginal branch, recrossing with an everolimus eluting Promus stent and final kissing balloon dilatation, optical coherence tomography (OCT) (LightLab Imaging Inc., Westford, MA, USA) was performed with a non-occlusive technique with motorized pullback (3 mm/s) during continuous pump injection of iso-osmolar contrast, in both LCx and OM1. OCT imaging showed good strut apposition at the level of the carina ...
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