1. Optical Design Engineering Opening at Volk Optical

    Optical Design Engineering Opening at Volk Optical

    About us:

    Volk Optical, Inc. (Mentor, OH) is the leading design, development and manufacturing company for ophthalmic lenses and portable imaging devices. The company’s products include portable diagnostic ophthalmic imaging systems (Volk iNview and Pictor Plus), as well as a full line of reusable and single-use diagnostic, laser and surgical lenses. The Product Development team at Volk is a group of motivated and dynamic team-players who embrace a culture of openness, free exchange of ideas, fast-paced development, entrepreneurial mindset and can-do attitude.

     We are passionate about developing new ideas, products and solutions to fulfill Volk’s purpose of eradicating preventable blindness.  We look to hire candidates for potential and place them in challenging roles, providing for an accelerated career path for those who are highly motivated and consistently create value.  Due to our small size, our associates are deeply involved and individually contribute across various parts of the business to become well rounded leaders.  Building on our success thus far, Volk is now defining its strategy for the future. We invite you to come be part of our journey to define the future of eye care.

     Volk offers an exciting and friendly work environment, excellent benefits, and competitive salary. The position is based in the suburbs of Cleveland in the city of Mentor, Ohio, close to the lake.  To apply for this position, please send your resume to: deborah.milbourne@volk.com

     Scope and Responsibilities:

    TheOptical Design Engineer role in the Product Development Team provides an opportunity to work within a highly cross-functional group of scientists, engineers and product managers to develop and commercialize innovative and game-changing products in the field of ophthalmic imaging. The nature of projects may range from new product development, technology development and improving existing product features to serve customers.  A strong grasp on the fundamentals of optics, optical imaging system design, hands-on experience in prototyping complete optical imaging systems, pilot production experience, team-player with effective communication skills, open-mindedness to new ideas and a solution-oriented approach are some of the key attributes that are expected from the person. The responsibilities include:

    • Providing technical leadership in following areas: Optical design, illumination optics, imaging system and design transfer to manufacturing.
    • Performing in-depth trade-off analysis of technology, systems architecture and design alternatives for new products/platforms.
    • Early identification of technical risks and developing a plan for addressing the issues.
    • Use of first-order mathematical modeling and simulations to assess feasibility, compare different technological approaches, identify the best approach and validate with experimental results.
    • Strong understanding of integrated optical imaging systems involving integration of light sources, optics, motion control, basic image processing and related sub-systems and technologies.
    • Conduct FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), and system troubleshooting as needed.
    • Clear communication with vendors to define technical performance requirements and appropriate tolerances.
    • Communication of investigational findings across departments, including engineering, algorithms, clinical and marketing through technical presentations, reports and documentation.
    • Keeping up to date with the latest research and developments in the field by reading research articles and attending technical conferences.
    • Systematic documentation to ensure robust medical device submissions and approvals.


    • PhD in optics, physics, biomedical, electrical engineering, or related field; or MS in optics, biomedical instrumentation, electrical engineering, physics, bioengineering or related field plus 1-3 years of relevant work experience.
    • Proven hands-on experience of multi-component optical design with Zemax, Code V or similar ray tracing software.
    • Demonstrated hands-on experience of designing and building complete optical imaging systems, devices and prototypes.
    • Strong grasp of optics, imaging, and system design fundamentals.
    • Exceptional critical and independent thinking, analytical skills, and appreciation for engineering rigor to deliver products with high quality and reliability.
    • A self-motivated team player who is adaptable and comfortable working in a dynamic, high-paced environment.

    Desired Skills and Experience:

    • Experience in opto-mechanical design including optical housing and/or physical hardware using software tools such as Solidworks and Zemax.
    • Experience in development of highly compact, hand-held and portable imaging systems.
    • Experience in optical coatings and improvement of optical manufacturing processes.
    • Mathematical modeling skills to simulate experimental results using Matlab, C++ etc.
    • Experience in pilot production process in industry environment.
    • Familiarity with product development process in medical device industry and good documentation practices.

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