1. PhD Student Opening in Functional Optical Imaging Employing Contrast Agents at the Medical University of Vienna

    PhD Student Opening in Functional Optical Imaging Employing Contrast Agents at the Medical University of Vienna

    A funded PhD student position at the Drexler Lab is open for application immediately. Enrollment is on a rolling basis. The project for this position is multimodal imaging combining optical coherence microscopy and photoacoustic microscopy for preclinical small animal imaging. Both endogenous and exogenous contrast agents should be used to explore molecular contrast. The addition of spectroscopic photoacoustic imaging and functional optical coherence microscopy gives access to the metabolism of the small animal model, e.g. zebrafish embryos and chicken embryos.

    After learning the operation procedure of the current system, we’d expect the student to perform a range of experiments involving phantom imaging and in vivo animal imaging with/without contrast agents. The student will perform spectral unmixing to extract blood oxygenation and use Doppler optical coherence microscopy to extract blood flow in various vessels. Furthermore, the student may develop software programs for contrast agent tracking.

    The position is guaranteed of funding for 3 years. The student will work for two years at the Medical University of Vienna and one year at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. A Master’s degree in veterinary medicine, biology, biochemistry, physics or biomedical engineering is needed. A good command of English and scientific writing is needed for communication in a multi-disciplinary environment with several collaboration partners. Programming skills in MATLAB and LABVIEW are beneficial. Knowledge of small animal handling (e.g. zebrafish, chicken embryos), nanoparticles and proteomics or knowledge of optical system design is preferred.

    Qualified applicants can send your CV and contact information of two references to wolfgang.drexler@meduniwien.ac.at

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