1. Generating​ ​retinal​ ​flow​ ​maps​ ​from​ ​structural​ ​optical​ ​coherence​ ​tomography​ ​with​ ​artificial intelligence

    Generating​ ​retinal​ ​flow​ ​maps​ ​from​ ​structural​ ​optical​ ​coherence​ ​tomography​ ​with​ ​artificial intelligence

    Despite advances in artificial intelligence (AI), its application in medical imaging has been burdened and limited by expert-generated labels. We used images from optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA), a relatively new imaging modality that measures retinal blood flow, to train an AI algorithm to generate flow maps from standard optical coherence tomography (OCT) images, exceeding the ability and bypassing the need for expert labeling. Deep learning was able to infer flow from single structural OCT images with similar fidelity to OCTA and significantly better than expert clinicians (P < 0.00001). Our model allows generating flow maps from large volumes of ...

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