1. PhD student position in quantitative multimodal optical imaging at the Drexler Lab

    PhD student position in quantitative multimodal optical imaging at the Drexler Lab

    One funded PhD student position at the Drexler Lab is open for application immediately. Enrollment is on a rolling basis. The project for this position is quantitative imaging using a combined optical coherence and photoacoustic tomography system. Please check our website (link given in the end) for a list of publications of our group in this topic, so you know the status of our research in this field. After learning the operation procedure of the current system, we’d expect the position taker to perform a range of experiments involving both patients and phantoms. At the same time, the system needs to be upgraded to enable quantitative imaging. Extensive image analysis will follow for parameter extraction and classification. More specifically, the student is assumed to accomplish automatic disease evaluation using the quantitative parameters extracted for patients’ data and to achieve elastography assessment of different types of samples.

    The position is guaranteed of funding for 3 years with a possible extension. A Master of Science degree or equivalent is necessary. Programming skills are required, preferably MATLAB and LabVIEW. A good command of English and scientific writing is also needed for communication and results’ dissemination. Trainings in mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, inverse problems and imaging are preferred. Knowledge in physical and geometrical optics, digital and analog circuits is also a plus. To graduate as a PhD from the Drexler Lab, in principle you need 3 first author journal papers.

    Currently the salary for student is about 1.5 k Euros per month after tax and is paid 14 times a year (in four months of a year you’ll be paid 1.5 times of your normal salary). There are 25 days paid vacation a year. In addition, you can enjoy about 11 days paid daylight-compensation-vacation should your office and lab are without windows. Discounted lunch is available for this position in the General Hospital Vienna Canteen for workdays. Health insurance is covered including dental and ophthalmologic care.  You can present your results in international conferences and work with a wide range of collaborators from both the scientific and industrial partners the Drexler Lab has.

    Qualified applicants can send your CV and the contact information of two references to

    Univ. Prof. Wolfgang Drexler.

    Multimodal imaging website of the Drexler Lab

    For more information click HERE.

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