1. Postdoctoral Fellow: Biophotonics Stanford University / Vanderbilt University

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Biophotonics Stanford University / Vanderbilt University

    The Stanford Biomedical Optics group (http://sbo.stanford.edu) develops optical imaging and sensing technologies for clinical and basic science applications, with additional interest in the development of low-cost and portable technologies for low-resource environments.

    We are looking to hire two new postdocs with core strengths and interest in biophotonics to join our lab as we make the exciting transition from Stanford to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN in Summer 2018. We especially encourage applicants with demonstrated expertise in instrumentation, signal processing and or computer programming for optical coherence tomography, advanced microscopy and/or point-of-care technology. Experience with small animal imaging, human imaging, or cell culture and staining are also desired. Creativity is highly valued.

    The successful candidate will work closely with ongoing collaborators from Stanford and other institutions as well as new collaborators at Vanderbilt. Potential projects include clinical targets of dermatology, urology, infertility and primary care. See our website for more information about previous work in these areas.

    START DATE: Immediate if willing to relocate mid-stream; otherwise summer 2018. TERM: 12-months with possibility to renew contingent on funding availability and adequate performance. SALARY: Based on level of experience.


    Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Biophysics, Physics / Applied Physics, Optics, Biomedical Engineering, Biophotonics or a similar discipline. Applicants will be expected to mentor students in the lab; conduct research activities in a timely manner; research and apply new knowledge of advanced computer vision algorithms; assist with experimental design and workflow; perform, troubleshoot, analyze and publish studies; and contribute to securing new sources of funding. Expertise in the design, construction and operation of working, optical systems preferred. Advanced programming skills in Python, C, Matlab, LabView and/or Visual C++ (or similar languages) are extremely helpful. The candidate should have excellent English speaking and writing skills and be willing to work cooperatively in teams.

    To apply, please send an electronic cover letter to Dr. Audrey Bowden (audrey@ee.stanford.edu) with “PF Application” in the subject line. Upon submission, you will be asked to complete a formal application as well as send your CV and transcript.

    Audrey K. Bowden

    Depts of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering

    Stanford University, Stanford, CA

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