1. OCT Application Engineer: Wasatch Photonics - North Carolina

    OCT Application Engineer: Wasatch Photonics - North Carolina

    Wasatch Photonics is seeking a self-directed and experienced Application Engineer to join our OCT business. The OCT Application Engineering position will be at the center of championing customer needs for OCT offerings. The position will be responsible for meeting customer requests regarding imaging samples, conducting demos, and solving technical problems as needed. The position will develop a key understanding of OCT operation and all critical parameters related to imaging. The successful candidate will report to the VP OCT Business and actively collaborate with all members of the Durham team.

    Location: Durham, North Carolina. Occasional domestic travel may be required.


    • Drive OCT imaging experiments for different samples, with varying settings and system configurations.
    • Conduct methodical OCT experiments to produce relevant technical information. Demonstrate good understanding of key parameters to be varied to obtain optimal results.
    • Demonstrate understanding of key optical imaging concepts particularly those related to optical coherence tomography in order conduct appropriate experiments and tests to meet customer requirements.
    • Develop benchtop test prototypes to evaluate concepts related to OCT imaging for internal and external needs.
    • Present data from experiments in a customer facing manner.
    • Produce documentation including user manuals, technical guides and troubleshooting tips.


    • Strong background in optical imaging both in theoretical and experimental aspects. Strong experience with optical coherence tomography preferred.
    • Hands-on experience with optical components and conducting experiments involving optics.
    • Experience with imaging and image analysis software like ImageJ and Matlab.
    • Ability to manage complex tasks, give attention to detail and communicate technical concepts effectively.
    • Genuine team player with ability to interact with internal team and communicate with customers.


    • Bachelors or Masters in Engineering, Physics, or related fields

    About Wasatch

    Wasatch Photonics is a fast-growing company with several market-leading products with optics at its core. Key product areas from Wasatch Photonics include Optical Coherence Tomography, Raman Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, Volume Phase Holographic Gratings, and Diffractive Optics.

    Wasatch Photonics is a leading provider of OCT solutions for wide variety of applications. The company provides components, sub-systems, and full systems for OEM integration. OCT technology at the company is fueled by exceptional engineering talent and strong understanding of the market and applications.

    The Company is an ideal place for energetic and innovative individuals looking to grow a developing company with exceptional products in a fast-paced startup driven environment. Wasatch Photonics provides a collaborative and cordial environment and sees the growth and development of its team members as integral for its success.

    Please apply at: https://wasatchphotonics.com/careers-and-opportunities/oct-application-engineer/.

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