1. 1st OCT and OCT Angiography Course in Bucharest, Romania a Success

    1st OCT and OCT Angiography Course in Bucharest, Romania a Success

    On the 20th of January 2018 over 250 of the ophthalmologists celebrated in Bucharest the importance of OCT and OCTA in their practice.

    The first part of the course included a detailed paper on the role of OCT and OCTA in ophthalmology and other specialities with Dr. Tatiana Saltas Dabija and many OCT topics: the use of iOCT in corneal surgery with one of the world's best ophthalmic surgeons, Dr. Ozana Moraru, medical pathology of anterior segment with PhD dr.Sinziana Istrate or contact lens fitting with international speaker, PhD dr. Simona Radu. Other papers: the importance of OCT in ophthalmic genetic pathology with PhD Dr. Florina Stoica, the president of the Romanian Ophthalmogenetics Society, the correlations between OCT and electrophysiology testing with PhD Dr. Andreea Ciubotaru, the president of the Romanian Pediatric Ophthalmology Society. Glaucoma topic was presented by another excellent surgeon, Dr. Madalina Iliescu. OCT in surgical retina was honored by PhD. Dr. Ovidiu Musat, FEBO and renown retina surgeon. Other retina topics were presented by Dr. Simona Lica, one of the best retina surgeons and PhD student Dr. Ruxandra Tudosescu. Oncology pathology was presented with a paper by the best onco-ophthalmologist in Romania, Dr. Gabriela Murgoi and her extraordinary team.Unique and rare cases were presented by Dr. Stela Giuri with her extensive and impressive experience. Also, if I might say, there was a neuro-ophthalmology paper on the analysis of retrograde trans-synaptic degeneration by OCT, which could easily detect and localize a brain lesion only by imaging the eye with Dr. Catalina Dumitrescu.

    The second part of the day was an extensive OCTA course with a world renowned speaker, Dr. Alexandre Miere, who writes the history of OCTA as we speak and represents the pride of Europe with her exceptional work.

    It was provided hands on practice with Heidelberg Romania (Romger) and there was also a good presentation by Canon Romania (Expertmed).

    Delicious, healthy and chef style cakes and the coffee breaks were offered by our sponsor : Santen Romania.

    It was a very good day to learn about OCT and OCTA, it was an intensive course for both beginners and advanced doctors; it was a day to meet old friends or make new ones so we hope to see more colleagues from abroad in our next reunion.

    Please contact catalina.dumitrescu@yahoo.com for more details.

    Hope to see you all in Bucharest next time!

    Catalina Dumitrescu



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