1. Topcon's DRI OCT TritonTM Series Receives 510(k) Clearance

    Topcon's DRI OCT TritonTM Series Receives 510(k) Clearance

    Becomes the First Commercially Available Multi-modal Swept Source OCT in the U.S.

    Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) of Oakland, NJ is proud to announce that its DRI OCT Triton Series has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA.

    The DRI OCT Triton features exceptionally easy image capture and a 1 micron, 1050nm light source with a scanning speed of 100,000 A-scans/second. The multi-modal instrument incorporates a built-in retinal camera, eye tracking during capture of selected scans, and combines Topcon's years of expertise in OCT imaging, color, red-free, FA and FAF imaging with the diagnostic power of Swept Source OCT.

    In addition to anterior segment scanning, the DRI OCT Triton can visualize deeper pathology, rapidly penetrating ocular tissues such as the choroid and even the sclera, without being obscured by media opacities or hemorrhage. The DRI OCT Triton can visualize from vitreous through to sclera at the press of a single button with high sensitivity and speed. The instantaneous capture of a high density data cube, comprised of 512 B-scans, reduces interpolation between slices and allows the most revealing imagery.

    The instrument also features widefield OCT scanning (12 mm x 9 mm) with reference database which is useful in annual exams, allowing fully automated mapping and illustration of both the macula and optic disc in one single scan and potentially halving the number of scans the patient requires. It displays high-resolution fundus images with clear retinal vessel and macular mapping to allow Pin- PointTM Registration of the deepest pathology.

    “Swept Source OCT imaging massively increases my diagnostic capabilities in practice. The Topcon DRI OCT Triton is simple to operate and provides uniform detailed information from the vitreous through to the sclera, and beyond. The ability of the Topcon Triton to provide so many imaging modalities in one machine is a great advantage to future system wide diagnostic approaches and directly enables multi-modal imaging approaches,” said Richard Spaide, MD, Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York.

    “We are very pleased to announce the recent FDA Clearance of the DRI OCT Triton and DRI OCT Triton Plus. With a true color fundus camera and widefield OCT scanning capability, the Triton Series provides the first Swept Source OCT with multi-modal imaging capabilities. The revolutionary features of the DRI OCT Triton Series provides exceptional visualization of the entire tomogram, allowing for a better understanding of many ocular pathologies and enhancing the standard of patient care,” stated John Fujita, President of Topcon Medical Systems.

    The new DRI OCT Triton Series will be on display at the following upcoming shows: International Retinal Imaging Symposium (IRIS) on Feb. 20th in Los Angeles, CA and American Glaucoma Society (AGS) on March 1st - 4th in New York, NY. For more information, please visit us at one of these shows or go to www.topconmedical.com

     About Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.

    Based in Oakland, NJ, Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) is a leader and technical innovator in the field of ophthalmic instrumentation. For more than 40 years, TMS has offered the most complete and technically advanced line of ophthalmic equipment in the U.S. marketplace. This equipment comprises the largest selection of precision ophthalmic and optical instruments from one manufacturer, providing a complete range of products for general and specialized applications. TMS manages ophthalmic dealer sales, corporate sales, and government sales. TMS is a subsidiary of Topcon America Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Topcon Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. 

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