1. PhD Scholarship in Multi-Spectral Photo-Acoustic Imaging University of Kent

    PhD Scholarship in Multi-Spectral Photo-Acoustic Imaging University of Kent





    School of Physical Sciences, Applied Optics Group

    Qualification type: PhD

    Location: Kent, UK

    Funding for: UK Students, EU Students

    Funding amount: Standard UK Research Councils' rate (currently £14,296; to cover living costs) + tuition fees at the Home/EU rate (currently £4,121 per annum).

    Hours: Full Time

    Placed on: 19th December 2017

    Closes: 6th February 2018


    Supervisor: Adrian Bradu


    A funded PhD position is available in the field of Biomedical Imaging.


    Photo-acoustic (PA) imaging is a hot topic in the biomedical imaging field. It can offer not only structural but also functional information of biological tissues with excellent resolution and high contrast. PA techniques can be applied to the early detection of cancer or examining vascular and skin diseases. Using PA measurements, it is possible to reconstruct the tissue mechanical properties including the acoustic velocity and elastic modulus as well as to quantify optical and physiological properties such as the optical absorption and scattering coefficients, the deoxy and oxy-haemoglobin concentrations, etc. Currently, to characterise the elastic properties of biological tissues, PA is typically implemented using single wavelength measurements, hence a truly quantitative and spectrally resolved photo-acoustic elastogram is not achieved.


    The proposed project aims to develop unique multi-modality multi-spectral medical imaging tools able to simultaneously produce spectrally resolved images of what tissue ‘feels’ like by evaluating its elastic properties so differentiation between healthy and diseased tissue is possible and reconstruct the chromophore concentrations.


    The successful candidate will be based at the University of Kent's main campus in Canterbury as part of the Applied Optics Group, in the School of Physical Sciences and work under the supervision of Dr Adrian Bradu.


    This PhD Studentship is due to start in September 2018.


    Entry requirements and Funding: Applicants should have or expect to obtain a first or upper second class honours degree (or equivalent) in Physics, Electrical Engineering or a related subject and have interests in medical imaging modalities. This is a Vice Chancellor’s Research Scholarship, which will be offered at the standard UK Research Councils' rate (currently £14,296; to cover living costs) and will additionally cover tuition fees at the Home/EU rate (currently £4,121 per annum). This scholarship is available to both UK and EU nationals and will involve undertaking teaching/demonstrating duties during the period of study.


    Webpages: https://www.kent.ac.uk/physical-sciences/research/aog/index.html


    Contact: For further information or informal enquiries, please contact Dr. Adrian Bradu ( a.bradu@kent.ac.uk).


    How to Apply: To apply please go to: http://www.kent.ac.uk/courses/postgrad/apply/index.html You will need to apply through the online application form on the main University website. Please note that you will be expected to provide personal details, education and employment history and supporting documentation (Curriculum Vitae, transcript of results, two academic references).


    Deadline Date for Applications: 6 February 2018



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