1. Development Of Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography A Dissertation ...

    Development Of Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography A Dissertation ...

    Fourier domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) is a high-speed, highresolution, and noninvasive imaging technique that can obtain cross-sectional images of light scattering medium, such as biomedical tissues. In this thesis, I report three novel methods in FD-OCT technique including common-path endoscopic FD-OCT, streakmode FD-OCT, and Doppler streak-mode FD-OCT. Finally, I apply the streak mode FDOCT to ultrahigh-speed, noninvasive, live imaging of embryonic chick hearts. An extension of conventional FD-OCT technique is endoscopic FD-OCT, which can access internal organs by utilizing a miniaturized catheter design. However, its image signal suffers from the bending of the endoscopic catheter. To address this problem ...

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