1. AMC and LioniX International partner on development of OCT modules

    AMC and LioniX International partner on development of OCT modules

    LioniX International (LXI) and Academic Medical Center (AMC) of the University of Amsterdam are collaborating on the development of Photonic Integrated Circuit-based Optical Coherence Tomography modules. The partners say that the implementation of PIC-based technologies in OCT modules will enable miniaturized handheld OCT modules and so broaden the scope and application of OCT-based systems. AMC and LXI have signed a collaboration agreement to accelerate the development of PIC-based OCT modules with a clear link to the clinical testing, which they say is essential for successful market introduction for these modules. Furthermore, both parties are participating in an EU funded Eurostars ...

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    1. OCT is the ‘work horse’ of the biomedical photonics research field ...“Integrating the components in photonics chips will further increase both the technical and the clinical capabilities of OCT. Furthermore, PIC-based OCT will not only make the current applications cheaper but also broaden its application scope.
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