1. Optovue Highlights AngioVue Essential OCTA at AAO

    Optovue Highlights AngioVue Essential OCTA at AAO

    Optovue , the global leader in the development of optical coherence tomography ( OCT ) and OCT angiography ( OCTA ), will highlight its AngioVue® Essential OCTA capability for general ophthalmology, along with its suite of advanced eye care technology at the upcoming American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting (AAO), Nov. 11-14 in New Orleans. The company will also host an OCT and OCT Angiography Interpretation Lab offering small group sessions, led by industry experts, for learning the fundamentals of OCTA in retinal disease and glaucoma, as well as epithelial thickness mapping in refractive practice. And, in celebration of three years of OCT Angiography, Optovue ...

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    1. We are thrilled to be celebrating three years since we introduced our AngioVue OCT Angiography imaging technology at the AAO in 2014.
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