1. OCT Angiography Imaging in Serpiginous Choroidopathy

    OCT Angiography Imaging in Serpiginous Choroidopathy

    Purpose To report OCTA findings in 3 cases, 2 active and 1 inactive, of serpiginous choroidopathy (SC) and describe OCTA changes in response to treatment. Design Retrospective case series. Participants We studied 6 eyes of 3 patients with SC. Methods Retrospective case series of 3 patients with SC undergoing multimodal imaging, including OCTA. In 1 treated eye, both pre- and posttreatment images were compared. Main Outcome Measures Description of OCTA findings in patients with SC. Results In the active phase, OCTA images show an apparent absence of the choriocapillaris with variable outer retinal and retinal pigment epithelial thickening. After treatment ...

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