1. Postdoctoral Fellow Positions at Case Western Reserve University

    Postdoctoral Fellow Positions at Case Western Reserve University


    Location: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 44106-7080

    Application Deadline: Open until filled, available immediately

    Job description:

    Post-doctoral research training positions available immediately to join a team of biomedical engineers, neurobiologists, and electrophysiologists  to assess the mechanisms by which infrared light (infrared neuromodulation - IRN) can modulate axons and neurons in ganglia as a therapeutic alternative to systemic drug delivery, as well as creating novel tools for visualizing and manipulating neurons and axons using infrared light.

    Successful applicants will be expected to work in an interdisciplinary team, including coordination with research and clinical collaborators and providing leadership to junior researchers. Outstanding organization, communication, and writing skills are required. The research environment is collegial and productive and the positions require a good balance between independence and team work.

    Applicants are expected to have earned a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, neuroscience, electrophysiology or a related field.  We are particularly interested in candidates who have expertise in the following areas, but the primary qualifications are outstanding technical proficiency and research skill:

    • Skill in optical design and hardware development for optical imaging modalities such as optical coherence tomography, light-sheet and two-photon microscopy.
    • Familiarity with light/tissue interactions, especially for effects of heat and pressure, and determining light distribution in tissue.
    • Computational modeling of neurons and neural systems; extensive experience using NEURON, Python.
    • Skills in electrophysiology that would allow him or her to test hypotheses about IR’s mechanism using techniques such as patch clamping, voltage clamping, extracellular and intracellular recording. 
    • Chemistry and polymer/hydrogels sciences background, especially for clearing and visualizing neural tissue.
    • Skills in molecular biological techniques for analyzing changes in neural tissue in response to infrared light.

    These positions are part of a project grant to understand and develop infrared neuromodulation technology for application in the peripheral nervous system, particularly the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls heart rate, respiration, digestion, and many other visceral functions.

    We have recently shown that infrared neuromodulation (IRN), when applied to peripheral structures such as the nodose ganglion, induces unique patterns of physiological responses that cannot be elicited by electrical current or drugs. We propose to create new tools that will control autonomic ganglia and visualize activity within them, leading to a deeper understanding of how they function and radically new treatments for autonomic diseases.

    Interested candidates should send a brief statement of their research interests, a CV, and contact information of three references to Prof. Michael W. Jenkins (mwj5@case.edu). Other information (i.e., recent publications, more information about the project and the collaborators involved in the project) is available at jenkinslab.com.

    In employment, as in education, Case Western Reserve University is committed to Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

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