1. Review: Optical Micrometer Resolution Scanning for Non-invasive Grading of Precancer in the Human Uterine Cervix

    Management of cervical precancer is archetypal for other cancer prevention programmes but has to consider diagnostic and logistic challenges. Numerous optical tools are emerging for non-destructive near real-time early diagnosis of precancerous lesions of the cervix. Non-destructive, real-time imaging modalities have reached pre-commercial status, but high resolution mapping tools are not yet introduced in clinical settings. The NCBI PubMed web page was searched using the keywords ‘CIN diagnosis’ and the combinations of ‘cervix {confocal, optical coherence tomography, ftir, infrared, Raman, vibrational, spectroscopy}’. Suitable titles were identified and their relevant references followed. Challenges in precancer management are discussed. The following tools ...
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