1. A Postdoctoral Research Fellowship/Research Associate Position at OHSU

    A Postdoctoral Research Fellowship/Research Associate Position at OHSU

    A postdoctoral research fellowship/research associate position is immediately available in the Center for Ophthalmic Optics and Lasers, Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health & Science University. The fellowship will focus on the development and clinical application of medical imaging system, especially OCT and related technologies (laser-tissue interaction). Ph.D in Optics, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering  or a related field is required. Demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following area is required: optical system set-up, image acquisition, simulation using Zemax software and C++/GPU programming for real-time processing. Broad experience in optics, signal processing, and image processing are also desirable.  Please Contact Dr. Yali Jia at jiaya@ohsu.edu or Dr. David Huang at huangd@ohsu.edu for details.

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